Cardiovascular Imaging

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is responsible for a third of all deaths nationally and is the major cause of chronic ill health in the UK. Therefore, it is in the national interest to improve outcomes in CVD, and we believe engineering and the physical sciences have a pivotal role to play, in particular with imaging. Cardiovascular imaging at UCL integrates clinicians, magnetic resonance sequence developers, biomedical engineers, and post-processing computer scientists to translate cardiovascular imaging developments from their basic concepts to acceptable use as diagnostics tests in patients. Examples of this rapid translation include the development of novel real-time MR sequences to provide fast MR scans in small children without the need for general anaesthetic; new biomarkers to measure myocardial extracellular volume to provide in-vivo assessment of diffuse myocardial fibrosis and cardiac amyloid; imaging and biomedical engineering modelling techniques to predict patient-specific selection of optimal device treatment. 

Theme Leader: Prof. Andrew Taylor

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