Cancer Imaging

Imaging is central to the management of cancer patients. There has been a recent drive to advance cancer therapeutics (e.g. anti-vascular agents, stem-cell drug delivery, minimally invasive focal therapies etc.). For the benefits of these novel approaches to be realized there is now an equal necessity to develop and validate appropriate imaging techniques to monitor therapeutic delivery and assess therapeutic response. Across the campus UCL is developing cutting-edge novel imaging to facilitate early diagnosis, provide improved disease staging, select personalized treatment plans, provide more sensitive and therapy specific methods to assess treatment response and reduce the overall diagnostic radiation burden. The UCL cancer imaging program is delivered through multi-disciplinary teams of oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, nuclear medicine physicians, histopathologists, physicists and radiographers together with basic scientists and image computing specialists. These teams through UCL Partners have access to a patient population of over 6 million together with multiple advanced pre-clinical and clinical scanners, including the first clinical and fully operational whole-body PET-MRI installation in the UK.

Theme Leader: Dr Shonit Punwani

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