Leonard Wolfson PhD Programme


The Leonard Wolfson Experimental Neurology Centre is launching an exciting four year PhD programme in neurodegeneration research in conjunction with the Doctoral Training Programme in Medical and Biomedical Imaging.  This degree will provide an unrivalled opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research under the supervision of world-class engineering science and clinical researchers.  We are inviting highly motivated students, interested in using interdisciplinary approaches to address a wide variety of questions in neurodegeneration research, and advance our understanding and treatment of neurodegenerative disease to apply for these programmes. The PhD programme is aimed at graduates with a strong interest in multidisciplinary research and applications are invited from students with a background in the mathematical, physical, computational and engineering sciences.

A number of scholarships are available for UK and European applicants which covers the fee and an annual stipend of £18,000.  If you are interested in this exciting opportunity, please follow the standard procedure for applying to the Doctoral Training Programme but state in the cover letter your interest in this specific call and your motivation.


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