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Spring Term 2011

May 12th Screening

Undzere kinder (Our Children),  a Yiddish film (with English subtitles) made in 1948The film is one of the only postwar movies made in Yiddish and almost the last full length yiddish film to be made.  It was also the first film which attempted to deal with the Holocaust.  Suppressed by the postwar Polish Communist goernment as "pro -Zionist" and lost for over 30 years, "Our Children" was largely shot on location at an orphanage/school near Lodz.  It stars children who were actual survivors of the Holocaust and focuses on how they came to terms with their past.

Discussion between Shimon Redlich, Sir Martin Gilbert, and Antony Polonsky on Jewish life in postwar Poland

This event was made possible with the cooperation of UCL-SSEES 

The Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies

The Institute of Polish-Jewish Studies, Oxford

Polish Cultural Institute, London


Eva-Maria Ziege, CJCR, Cambridgen

The Frakfurt School and antisemitism

March 1st

Judith Schlanger, Paris 

Between the Beit-din and the Royal Exchequer:Hebrew documents from medieval England


Yoram Cohen, Tel Aviv University

Politics, Diplomacy, Gift exchange and Royal Marriages in the Late Bronze Age (1500-1200BCE)

February 11th

Timothy Snyder, Yale University

Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin

February 9th

Dvora Bregman, Ben-Gurion University 

The Escape from Vasto: Complaints of a 15th century Italian Rabbi

February 1st

Avraham Gross, Ben-Gurion University 

Liturgy as a Collective and Personal Memorial of 1096

January 24th

Shamma Friedman, Jewish Theological Seminary of America 

Now You See it, Now You Don’t: Can Source- Criticism Perform Magic on Talmudic Passages about Sorcery?

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