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Jews in Medieval England –

What can we learn from a European comparison?

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Judea and Rome in Coins, 65 BCE TO 135 CE

A two-day conference with the theme Judaea and Rome in Coins, 65 BCE to 135 CE, was held at the premises of Spink and Son Ltd. in London on Monday 13th September and Tuesday 14th September 2010.

This even, co-ordinated by David Jacobson, Nikos Kokkinos and Philip Skingley and co-sponsored by the Institute of Jewish Studies at University College London (UCL), followed two previous London conferences (The World of the Herods and Nabataeans in 2001 and Herod and Augustus in 2005) which were successful events and have become reference points.

The period covered spans the Roman conquest of Judaea by Pompey through to the last major Jewish uprising against Roman rule under Simon Bar-Kokhba, and encompasses the birth of Christianity. The past few decades have seen considerable advances in numanistic scholarship dealing with this period, partly stimulated by archaeological exploration and numerous coin finds, which have shed light on the historical events and associated political, social and economic issues. We used this conference to exchange views and analyse the fresh developments from new pespectives.

Well-known experts in the fields of Roman and Jewish numanistics delivered lectures in four sessions over two days:
Michael Amandry, Rachel Barkay, Andrew Burnett, Kevin Butcher, Ted Buttrey, Marius Heemistra, David Hendin, David Jacobson, Nikos Kokkinos, Larry Krietzer, Kenneth Lonnqvist, Sam Moorehead, Danny Syon and Boaz Zissu.

A small related exhibition was on display in the Spink showrooms for the duration of the Conference.

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