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The Man who never threw anything away: Moses Gaster and his World

Thursday 27 November

Sir Moses Gaster


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Christian and Jewish Tombstones from ancient Zoara/Zoora

Monday December 1st


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The Institute of Jewish Studies (IJS) is dedicated to the promotion of all aspects of Jewish scholarship and civilisation at the highest level of academic excellence. It reaches every section of the Jewish community and the interested non-Jewish public. It collaborates with all academic institutions within the University of London, and throughout the UK and abroad.

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"Many thanks for the generosity of those who enable us to enjoy lectures.  What a wonderful idea to dispense information in such a social setting.  How pleasant to be able to meet like minded souls who have an opinion, open minds and an alert intellect.  No preaching or partisanship.  Just well-prepared, informative lectures from  specialists in their field with a genteel question and answer time to follow. When able, I am always delighted to be able to attend.  Please thank your sponsors most sincerely on my behalf."

Myrna Hayter

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