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Nazif Alic

How do transcriptional changes drive the plasticity of adult physiology, metabolism and lifespan? We are answering this question in the fruit fly using molecular, genetic and 'omic techniques.

Listen to Nazif talk about the research on ageing on the Naked Scientist.

Our work on Pol III and lifespan is out in Nature! See here for a News and Views piece on the paper, B. Edgar S. Grewal.

100 day old fly over-expressing dfoxo

Lab members

Adam Dobson, postdoc: Signalling networks, nutrition and longevity Google scholar
Danny Filer, PhD candidate: Transcriptional control and longevity
Electra Kotronaki, MSci candidate
Lara Houchou, MSci candidate
Victoria Fernandes, MSci candidate
Lucinda Conder, undergraduate
Kamiar Shalfrooshan, summer project
Haoyu Chi, summer student
Jeremie Subrini, summer student


George Phillips, MSci
Zahrah Alqabandi, MSc
Kamiar Shalfrooshan, undergraduate
Yuyao (Eric) Wang, MRes
Hanadi Rammu, summer student
Jocelyn Tang, Genes and Development Summer Student
Bhakti Chandegra, Genes and Development Summer Student
Sara Al Saud, MRes
Adam Summerfield, MRes
Charlotte Flanagan, MSci
Dina Mostafa, MSc
Rose Davies, MSci


Lab summer 2015 - Danny, Jocelyn (the artist), Bhakti and Nazif.


Browse Nazif’s publications on GoogleScholar.

Dr Nazif Alic


Our work has been funded by the BBSRC, Royal Society, Wellcome Trust and UCL.

For further information on our work, contact Nazif.