Institute of Healthy Ageing


Public Engagement

Engaging with other researchers and the general public is an important aspect of our work. All staff and students within the IHA are encouraged to participate in activities which help promote our mission to a wider audience, and help make our science more accessible to the public.

IHA public engagement

September 2016: Academy of Medical Sciences FORUM meeting on 'Influencing the trajectories of ageing'


April 2016: Daily Express interview, Eternal life coming soon? Scientists create anti-ageing pill to give you DECADES more


April 2016: Science Museum and Alzheimer's Research UK, "Lost in Thought", Science Museum

Our exhibit, "Forgetting to Fly," will be on the 3rd floor, appropriately in the "Flight" area of the museum. 

June 2015: 'Live Long and Prosper' Cell. Cathy Slack and colleagues reveal a new potential intervention in midlife to extend lifespan.


June 2015: Daily Express interview, 'Pill that 'adds 10 YEARS to your life' could be ready in a decade, scientists predict'


December 2014: Nobel Week Dialogue, The Science and Conditions of Ageing, Professor Linda Partridge.


February 2014: Crick Late at the Science Museum. With an event attendance of 6,916 (the biggest Science Museum Late to date) the Bio-Revolution was a massive success!


Crick Late at the Science Museum

May 2013: BBC Radio 4 Life Scientific with Prof Dame Linda Partridge

March 2013: Royal Society Café Scientifique with Dr Matt Piper

February 2013: UCL Lunchtime Lecture with Dr Matt Piper

December 2012: Wellcome Trust Packed Lunch Podcast with Dr Matt Piper


October 2012: the Naked Scientists, Interview with Linda Partridge, Institute of Healthy Ageing at UCL, Tom Misteli, National Cancer Institute in Maryland, Jan van Deursen, Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota


October 2012: Private Passions BBC Radio 3. Michael Berkeley's guest on Private Passions is the British geneticist and biogerontologist Dame Linda Partridge, who works on the biology of ageing.


September 2012: EMBO 2012, Focus on Linda Partridge

Dame Linda Partridge talks about the latest developments in ageing research with Sandra Bendiscioli, EMBO Science Policy Programme, at The EMBO Meeting 2012 in Nice, France.


July 2012: ABC The Conversation Hour with David Astle, Dame Linda Partridge and Professor Richard Gibbs. Would you pop a pill to stop the affects of ageing?

July 2012: The Graeme Clark Oration

On Wednesday, 18th July Prof Dame Linda Partridge was invited to give the 2012 Graeme Clark Oration in Melbourne, Australia.

July 2012: Royal Society 2012 Summer Science Exhibition

A team of scientists from the IHA, in tandem with UCL’s Bahler lab, exhibited at this year’s exhibition which was held from 3rd to 8th July at the Society’s Carlton House Terrace home.   The Summer Science Exhibition showcases cutting-edge research, providing a unique opportunity for members of the public to interact with scientists - and vice versa!  Led by Dr Matt Piper, the IHA teams’ stand was entitled ‘Living healthier for longer: research to enhance lifelong health’. We highlighted, explained and discussed our cutting edge biogerontological research and its recent breakthroughs that indicate we can experimentally manipulate ageing.

June 2012: The Times Cheltenham Science Festival

A baby born tonight will live on average five hours longer than a baby born last night. Why and how is life expectancy increasing so quickly? How much of this extended life will be in good health? What do we really understand about the mechanisms of ageing?  Drs Matt Piper and David Gems explored these questions at The Times Cheltenham Science Festival this year.

April 2012: ILC and Crucible workshop on Ageing and Research Policy

The International Longevity Centre (ILC) and Crucible are jointly hosting a workshop on Ageing and Research Policy on April 19th.

This workshop sought to

  • Foster new collaborative groups
  • Identify potential joint projects
  • Translation and dissemination of research and policy analysis
  • Help UCL researchers understand the policy process and its opportunities for science
  • Help ILC identify and use UCL research

June 2011: The Times Cheltenham Science Festival

Professor Linda Partridge participated in the festival with her discussion with Radio 4 presenter Geoff Watts on Baby Boomers and the Ageing Revolution.