Conflict, Humanitarianism and Health

The conflict, humanitarianism and health module examines the causes of violent conflict and its effects on health. It discusses key policy issues in contemporary humanitarianism and assesses the effectiveness of humanitarian interventions and organisations. Students will also engage with particular topics related to these areas, including the policy responses to migration in conflict situations and the effectiveness of psychosocial interventions and reconciliation initiatives in divided societies.

Course structure: The course is ten weeks long. Each week there is a three hour session comprising a combination of teaching and group discussion.

Tutors: Maria Kett and Mike Rowson

Assessment: 2500 word assessed essay (100%)


  • Causes and definitions of conflict
  • Conflict and health
  • Humanitarian interventions
  • Measuring effectiveness of humanitarian interventions
  • Human rights violations
  • Migration
  • Vulnerability and resilience
  • Hunger: humanitarian dilemma
  • Truth, reconciliation, justice
  • Future of humanitarianism