Jennie Gamlin


PhD Student

UCL Institute for Global Health
Institute of Child Health
30 Guilford Street
London WC1N 1EH

t: +44 (0)207 905 2122
f: +44 (0)207 404 2303

Expertise: Public health issues for children in difficult circumstances of health in developing countries and non western medical systems –with particular focus on working and migrant children, social and cultural determinants; qualitative and participatory research methods for working with children; the ethics of research with children in developing countries; cultural and social aspects of reproductive health and maternal mortality.

Jennie is a graduate in development studies with masters degrees in Latin American Studies from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, and Demography and Health from the LSHTM. Her specific focus has been on the health effects of child work and she has co-designed and developed a series of research proposals on the health and psychosocial impacts of child labour in agriculture and the health effects of childhood occupational exposure to pesticides. Between 1995-2002 Jennie lived, worked and studied in Mexico. Where she developed and pursued research interests in critical theory, Mesoamerican cosmologies and their application to contemporary western lifestyles. Jennie also worked in the NGO sector with street children, reproductive health projects and women’s rights organisations and lectured in sociology, development and Mexican history at the Tec de Monterrey (ITESM) in Mexico City. She currently holds a Teaching Fellowship at CIHD and is studying for her PhD.