Improving maternal and newborn health in deprived rural areas in Jharkhand and Orissa, India through the empowerment of tribal communities




The Health Foundation


In India, tribal societies are widely recognised as marginalised and exploited members of society who face social and economic discrimination. The health conditions of these tribal populations are aggravated by widespread poverty, illiteracy and malnutrition. There is an urgent need to improve health outcomes for mothers and newborns in these rural, tribal populations. Our partner Ekjut is led by Dr Prasanta Tripathy, a former Masters graduate from the Institute of Child Health.

The Project

This project aimed to promote good governance and influence policy and practice in order to improve health service delivery at all levels in Jharkand and Orissa. We hope this will strengthen links between the community and primary health care providers by improving health service delivery and increasing the use of these services for routine care.