Analysis of the Impact of Anaemia Reduction and Control Strategies in Emergency-Affected Refugee Populations

Duration of Phase 4

2 May 2013 - 31 Dec 2013


Emergency Nutrition network

Principle Investigator

Andrew Seal

IGH Staff Involved

Sarah Style


Andrew Seal
Nutrition in Crisis Research Group

Since 2009, UCL has been involved in projects and technical assistance to support the work of UNHCR’s High Commissioner’s Special Project on the prevention, control and reduction of anaemia in refugees. Working in close collaboration with The Emergency Nutrition Network (ENN), a package of technical assistance has supported UNHCR by providing on the ground support, staff training, and the development of assessment and intervention guidelines.

One of these guidelines was the UNHCR Operational Guidance on the use of Special Nutritional Products (2011).

This project involves the preparation of an addendum to the Operational Guidance on the use of special Nutritional products. This is required to address the increasing use of modified fortified blended foods, such as CSB ++ (SuperCereal Plus).

As part of work on a previous phase of this project, we participated in a workshop in 2009. The meeting was convened by UNHCR and WFP to discuss approaches for evaluating micronutrient interventions conducted under the challenging circumstances encountered in emergency refugee operations.

Assessing the impact of micronutrient intervention programs implemented under special circumstances - meeting report (2011)

Work undertaken by UCL also contributed to the development of Operational Guidance on the Use of Special Nutrition Products, such as micronutrient powders and lipid nutrient supplements.

UNHCR Operational Guidance (2011)

A training pack on micronutrient malnutrition was developed as a collaboration with UNHCR in 2003, aimed at raising awareness of micronutrient deficiencies among health and nutrition field staff.  It comprises a Power Point presentation, Handouts and Photo cards, and can be downloaded by clicking on the links below: