Development of NutVal 4.0


14 Feb 2012 - 1 Sep 2013


Emergency Nutrition Network

Principle Investigator

Andrew Seal


Andrew Seal
Nutrition in Crisis Research Group

Design of food rations that meet internationally agreed standards is a prerequisite for the design of effective, safe and cost-effective nutritional programmes.  However, the manual calculation of nutrient content can be extremely time consuming and prone to error.  NutVal is an Excel spreadsheet application used by UN and NGO agencies for the calculation of the nutrient content of food aid rations.  First developed by UNHCR in the 1990s, it has subsequently been updated by IGH in work funded by a series of small grants from WFP, UNHCR, UCL Futures, and the IASC Global Nutrition Cluster.

This project will upgrade the application to include an expansion of the number of food items and range of nutrient data, improved age group selection options, and enhanced data storage and graphing.  In addition to this additional functionality, there the energy and micronutrient requirement targets used in NutVal will be updated to take into account the most recent recommendations by WHO and FAO, and the Sphere Project.

 This project is funded by the USAID Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance