SPRING: Sustainable Programme Incorporating Nutrition & Games


1 April 2011 - 31 March 2016


Wellcome Trust


A large number of children in developing countries lack access to known effective interventions. Almost 9 million die each year before reaching their fifth birthday, and over 200 million children who survive fail to achieve their full growth or developmental potential, trapping them in a cycle of continuing disadvantage.

The goal of SPRING, Sustainable Programme Incorporating Nutrition & Games, is to develop an innovative, feasible, affordable and sustainable community-based approach that can achieve delivery at scale of known effective interventions that will maximise child development, growth and survival. SPRING will be delivered by existing cadres of community based agents (Angawadi and Asha workers in India and Lady Health Workers in Pakistan) through home visits during pregnancy, immediately post birth, the postpartum period and infancy.

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