Short and Taster Courses

The Institute for Global Health (IGH) offers a selection of postgraduate modules as short and taster courses. Short courses are aimed at candidates seeking non-credited professional development for which they receive a certificate of attendance, upon successful completion of the module(s).

The IGH taster programme provides an excellent method of giving health professionals the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills whilst earning UCL credits. A number of our most prominent MSc students began at IGH with the taster programme. Upon successful completion of the module(s) some credits can then be banked and transferred to a UCL IGH MSc, postgraduate diploma or postgraduate certificate within the given time frame. 

Important information for taster students about UCL credits pdf

What are the differences between short and taster courses?

Participants who successfully complete a short course at IGH receive a certificate of attendance, but they are not assessed and do not receive UCL credit.

Participants who successfully complete an IGH taster course are assessed and receive UCL credit. They also receive a certificate of attendance. Taster credits must be applied to a IGH postgraduate programme within two academic years of taking the taster module.

Short and taster course participants complete separate application forms. There is also a difference in fees between the two.

Differences between short and taster courses pdf.

Module list and How to apply

Please note: Availability of modules will be subject to demand.

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