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You can visit the Green UCL website to find sustainability activities at UCL!

Have a look inside one of our recycling centres

Emeline Rougeaux, a Research Assistant in UCL's Population, Policy and Practice Programme, visited a recycling facility used by UCL in October 2017.  Emeline's report and photographs from the visit are well worth a look.  See the report here.

The IGH Green Impact Team Members are:
Tim Colbourn
Hassan Haghparast Bidgoli
Mary Caspillo-Brewer
Rosie Bartlett
Carina King
Martin Valls Garcia

The IGH Green Impact Week 20-24 February 2017

Weeklong Activities

  • Fairtrade Bake-Off Challenge-The best cake award went to Rosie Bartlett with her yummy biodegradable banana cake!
  • Skip Garden Visit- You can find out more about the Skip Gardens in Kings Cross on their website.
  • Swap Shop
  • Planting Seeds
  • Climate Refugees Film Screening- You can visit the Kanopy website to stream films relating to the environment, global health and other themes. A big thanks to Ilan Kelman for facilitating the thought-provoking discussion afterwards.
  • Weeklong promotion to walk, cycle and the use of public transport 

Drinking Water and reusable cups are available in the IGH Kitchen (3rd Floor ICH Building).


UCL Estates have an online equipment/furniture/resource reuse and management system called WARPit

What is WARPit?

WARPit is an easy to use online portal which provides a platform for UCL to redistribute (give, loan or share) resources legally and conveniently within UCL and beyond, within other organisations. The tool makes it easy for staff to find others in their organisation with “stuff” spare, reducing procurement spend. It also makes it easy for staff who are disposing of “stuff” to find new owners, saving on waste disposal.

The tool demonstrates significant savings on purchasing and waste disposal costs, as well as avoiding landfill and carbon emissions.

Transferring resources between people in organisation and between organisations is fraught with difficulties. WARP-IT has been developed after 10 years of setting up reuse systems within the facilities management, public and third sector. The tool seeks to solve these problems, making transfers convenient, easy and legal and stops “stuff” ending up in skips and being bought needlessly.

WARPit works with furniture equipment or any resource, including fixtures and fittings, electrical, books, stationery, lab equipment, technical equipment etc etc.

To access WARPIt use the following link;


For a brief introduction to the WARPit system please watch the following video


More detailed instructions on how to use WARPit can be found on the Using WARPit page.

If you have any further questions these can be found on the WARPit frequently asked questions page.