'Living with Chronic Disease' Photography Competition

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Document your experience of living with a chronic illness, to win an iPad mini!


We’re looking for photographs which capture personal stories of living with chronic disease. The winning selections will be exhibited at our symposia, conferences and other events. The best overall entry will be awarded an iPad mini.

Photographs will be judged by a panel of UCL academics specialising in chronic disease, and a professional photographer. They will be judged on storytelling power and artistic merit.


What are chronic diseases? Sometimes called “non-communicable diseases,” they account for 63 per cent of the world’s deaths. 80% of these deaths occur in low and middle-income countries. Chronic diseases include: heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, cancer and mental illness.


We are looking for photographs which document personal stories, in two categories:

1. Living with illness

Photographs in this category might deal with a journey to a clinic, or community health centre, to receive treatment. They might look at how you, or your loved ones,’ daily life is impacted by illness, what it involves to take medicine or receive treatment - and so on.

2. Causes of  illness

Photographs in this category would document aspects of a person’s life which may have contributed to their illness. These could be things like: diet, air pollution, cigarettes, living conditions, poverty - and so on.

Who can enter?

Those who have an experience of, or interest in, the impact of chronic disease. The competition is not open to professional photographers.

How to enter

Send your photographs –  up to a maximum of 5 photos – to IGHadmin@ucl.ac.uk. Images should be no larger than 2MBs and provided in jpeg format. If your image is chosen for exhibition, we will contact you for a higher resolution image.

With each image tell us:

Who/What is in the picture. If the image is of a person they must give consent for their image to be used (download a consent form here)

What is the story of the image, and Whose story is it? Word limit: 100 words

- Images without the above information will not be considered.

Entrants must read and agree to our terms and conditions before entering.

Deadline: 16th March 2014

Terms & Conditions

Photo Consent Form