Contemporary Debates in Global Health: the UCL perspective

UCL Institute for Global Health Grand Symposium

IGH Symposium Main

To mark the first 5 years of the UCL Institute for Global Health, we convened a Grand Symposium of high level UCL academics and outstanding external speakers and panel members to consolidate our learning and priorities for 2012-13.

Highlights of the day included a research review from IGH academics, a memorial talk given by Dr. Felicitas Zewaira (WHO representative to Malawi) honouring Prof Zef Ibrahim and keynote addresses by Liz Mason (WHO), Prof Albert Weale (UCL Political Science) and Prof Georgina Mace (UCL Genetics, Ecology & Environment). A powerful array of panellists, led by expert chairs Sir Cyril Chantler (UCL Partners), Dr Fiona Godlee (BMJ) and Prof Maria Lee (UCL Laws), debated quality of care implications, global health governance and a sustainable planet following the MDGs. 

The day concluded with the launch of The Global Doctor, a new guide for teaching in global health produced in conjunction with the Institute of Education with funds from DFID.

Videos and abstracts

Prof Zef Ebrahim Memorial Lecture
Delivered by Dr Felicitas Zawaira, former student of Prof Ebrahim

UCL Global Health
Introduction by Prof Anthony Costello, Director of the Institute for Global Health

Quality of Care
Sir Cyril Chantler; Speaker: Dr Liz Mason; Panel: Prof Martin Marshall, Prof Address Malata and Prof Gwyneth Lewis

Improving Governance for Global Health
Chair: Dr Fiona Godlee; Speaker: Prof Albert Weale; Panel: Lord Ajay Kakkar, Dr Felicitas Zawaira and Dr Sarah Hawkes

What next for the Millennium Development Goals: how to make the planet sustainable by 2050
Chair: Prof Maria Lee; Speaker: Prof Georgina Mace; Panel: Prof Chris Witty, Prof Chris Rapley, Prof Jeff Waage and Dr Richard Horton

Prof Anthony Costello, Director of the Institute for Global Health

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Photo by Michael Baron, UCL Photo Society