UCL Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care
Research Department of Behavioural Science and Health



Head of Department

Professor Andrew Steptoe Professor of Psychology a.steptoe[at]ucl.ac.uk  

Deputy Head

Professor Robert West Professor of Health Psychology and Director of Tobacco Studies robert.west[at]ucl.ac.uk   

Administrative staff

Academic and Research Staff

Maria Kristensen Research department administrator admin.bsh[at]ucl.ac.uk  
Madiha Sajid MSc Programme Administrator m.sajid[at]ucl.ac.uk  
Name Position Email Research group
Dr Emma Beard Senior Research Associate  e.beard[at]ucl.ac.uk  UTARG 
Dr Jamie Brown Principal Research Associate  jamie.brown[at]ucl.ac.uk  UTARG 
Dr Dorina Cadar Research Associate d.cadar[at]ucl.ac.uk Psychobiology 
Yanaina Chavez-Ugalde  Research Assistant  y.chavez-ugalde[at]ucl.ac.uk  Energy Balance & Cancer
Dr Helen Croker Research Dietician  h.croker[at]ucl.ac.uk  Energy Balance & Cancer and Obesity
Dr Daisy Fancourt  Senior Research Associate  d.fancourt[at]ucl.ac.uk Psychobiology 
Dr Abi Fisher Lecturer in Physical Activity and Health  abigail.fisher[at]ucl.ac.uk  Energy Balance & Cancer 
Dr Alice Forster Senior Research Associate alice.forster[at]ucl.ac.uk Cancer Communication & Screening
Maddie Freeman Research Assistant maddie.freeman[at]ucl.ac.uk Cancer Communication & Screening
Ailish Gallagher  Research Assistant  ailish.gallagher.16[at]ucl.ac.uk  Cancer Communication & Screening 
Dr Claire Garnett Research Associate  c.garnett.12[at]ucl.ac.uk UTARG 
Dr Alex Ghanouni Research Associate a.ghanouni[at]ucl.ac.uk Cancer Communication & Screening
Judith Fortmann  Research Assistant  judith.fortmann.16[at]ucl.ac.uk Energy Balance & Cancer
William Goodman 
Research Assistant william.goodman.16[at]ucl.ac.uk Energy Balance & Cancer
Dr Ruth Hackett Research Associate ruth.hackett.09[at]ucl.ac.uk Psychobiology
Dr Annie Herbert Research Associate – Statistician  annie.herbert[at]ucl.ac.uk  ECHO 
Dr Yasemin Hirst Research Associate y.hirst[at]ucl.ac.uk Cancer Communication & Screening
Victoria Ireland Research Assistant victoria.ireland[at]ucl.ac.uk Energy Balance & Cancer 
Dr Sarah Jackson Senior Research Associate  s.e.jackson[at]ucl.ac.uk Energy Balance & Cancer and Obesity
Prof Martin Jarvis Professor of Health Psychology martin.jarvis[at]ucl.ac.uk  UTARG 
Dr Fiona Johnson Research Associate  fiona.johnson[at]ucl.ac.uk Energy Balance & Cancer and Obesity
Aradhna Kaushal Research Associate aradhna.kaushal.14[at]ucl.ac.uk Cancer Communication & Screening
Robert Kerrison Research Assistant and PhD Student robert.kerrison.13[at]ucl.ac.uk Cancer Communication & Screening
Sonja Kummer  Research Associate  s.kummer[at]ucl.ac.uk  Cancer Communication & Screening 
Dr Pippa Lally Research Associate p.lally[at]ucl.ac.uk Energy Balance & Cancer and Obesity
Joanne Land Research Physiotherapist joanne.land[at]ucl.ac.uk  Energy Balance & Cancer
Dr Camille Lassale Research Associate  c.lassale[at]ucl.ac.uk Psychobiology 
Dr Clare Llewellyn Lecturer in Behavioural Obesity Research   c.llewellyn[at]ucl.ac.uk  Obesity 
Prof Yoryos 
Professor of Cancer Epidemiology  y.lyratzopoulos[at] ucl.ac.uk  ECHO 
Dr Laura Marlow Senior Research Associate l.marlow[at]ucl.ac.uk Cancer Communication & Screening
Emily McBride Research Assistant e.mcbride[at]ucl.ac.uk Cancer Communication & Screening
Dr Lesley McGregor Senior Research Associate l.mcgregor[at]ucl.ac.uk Cancer Communication & Screening
Moscho Michalopoulou  Research Assistant  moscho.michalopoulou.14[at]ucl.ac.uk  Energy Balance & Cancer
Tra Pham  Research Assistant  tra.pham.09[at]ucl.ac.uk  ECHO 
Stephanie Philpott Research Assistant  stephanie.philpott[at]ucl.ac.uk Energy Balance & Cancer
Dr Lydia Poole Research Associate lydia.poole[at]ucl.ac.uk Psychobiology
Dr Samantha Quaife Research Associate samantha.quaife[at]ucl.ac.uk Cancer Communication & Screening
Dr Cristina Renzi Senior Research Associate  c.renzi[at]ucl.ac.uk  ECHO and Cancer Screening
Lauren Rockliffe Research Assistant l.rockliffe[at]ucl.ac.uk Cancer Communication & Screening
Mairead Ryan  Research Assistant  mairead.ryan.16[at]ucl.ac.uk  Cancer Communication & Screening 
Dr Saskia Sanderson Senior Research Associate saskia.sanderson[at]ucl.ac.uk Cancer Communication & Screening
Dr Lion Shahab Senior Lecturer  lion.shahab[at]ucl.ac.uk  UTARG 
Dr Sandro Stoffel Research Associate s.stoffel[at]ucl.ac.uk Cancer Communication & Screening
Dr Ildiko Tombor Research Associate  ildiko.tombor[at]ucl.ac.uk  UTARG 
Dr Harveen Ubhi  Research Associate  h.ubhi[at]ucl.ac.uk  UTARG 
Dr Christian von Wagner Reader in Behavioural Science and Health c.wagner[at]ucl.ac.uk Cancer Communication & Screening
Wouter Verstraete  Research Assistant  w.verstraete[at]ucl.ac.uk Cancer Communication & Screening 
Charlotte Vrinten Research Assistant c.vrinten[at]ucl.ac.uk Cancer Communication & Screening
Dr Jo Waller Principal Research Associate j.waller[at]ucl.ac.uk Cancer Communication & Screening

PhD Students

Name Position Email Research Group   
Abdallaziz Alzahrane PhD Student  rmjlaa[at]ucl.ac.uk  UTARG   
Hannah Bowden PhD Student   hannah.bowden.19[at]ucl.ac.uk  Obesity    
Victoria Garfield PhD Student  v.garfield.13[at]ucl.ac.uk  Obesity   
Roganie Govender PhD Student roganie.govender.13[at]ucl.ac.uk Cancer Communication & Screening  
Aleksandra Herbec PhD Student  aleksandra.herbec.11[at]ucl.ac.uk  UTARG   
Joyce (Yun-Ting) Huang  PhD Student  yun-ting.huang[at]ucl.ac.uk  Psychobiology   
Minjoung (Monica) Koo PhD Student  monica.koo.14[at]ucl.ac.uk  ECHO   
Samantha Lawes PhD Student samantha.lawes.13[at]ucl.ac.uk  Psychobiology   
Laura Panagi PhD Student laura.panagi.16[at]ucl.ac.uk  Psychobiology  
Gemma Pugh PhD Student  gemma.pugh.14[at]ucl.ac.uk  Energy Balance & Cancer   
Anna Roberts PhD Student  anna.roberts.15[at]ucl.ac.uk  Energy Balance & Cancer   
Alexia Sawyer PhD Student  alexia.sawyer[at]ucl.ac.uk  Obesity   
Bianca Serwinski PhD Student bianca.serwinski.11[at]ucl.ac.uk Psychobiology  
Andrea Smith PhD Student  andrea.smith.14[at]ucl.ac.uk  Obesity   
Charlie Smith PhD Student  charlie.smith.16[at]ucl.ac.uk  UTARG   
Claire Stevens PhD Student claire.stevens.14[at]ucl.ac.uk  Cancer Communication & Screening and Energy Balance & Cancer  
Kirsty Bennett PHD Student Kirsty.bennett.10[at]ucl.ac.uk    

Honorary staff

Name      Research group 
Dr Becca Beeken Senior Research Associate  r.beeken[at]ucl.ac.uk Energy Balance & Cancer and Obesity
David Boniface Senior Research Associate and Statistician d.boniface[at]ucl.ac.uk  
Kenia Carvalho      
Dr Livia Carvalho Lecturer, QMUL l.carvalho[at]qmul.ac.uk Psychobiology 
Prof Deborah Christie Professor of Paediatric and Adolescent Psychology   Psychobiology 
Dr Lucy Cooke     Obesity
Dr Saskia Duijts Senior postdoctoral fellow, National Cancer Institute, The Netherlands    
Dr Alison Fildes University Academic Fellow in Behaviour Change, University of Leeds    
Dr Benjamin Gardner-Sood Senior lecturer in Psychology, King's College London    
Prof Mark Hamer     Psychobiology 
John Isitt      
Vera Jandackova      
Dr Dimitrios Koutoukidis Research Associate dimitrios.koutoukidis[at]phc.ox.ac.uk Energy Balance & Cancer
Dr Roberto La Marca
Ann McNeill       
Dr Nadine Messerli-Burgy     Psychobiology
Prof Susan Michie Professor of Health Psychology   s.michie[at]ucl.ac.uk   UTARG
Dr Gerry Molloy     Psychobiology 
Kirstie Osborne     Cancer Communication & Screening
Dr Emily Power     Cancer Communication & Screening
Dr Aparna Shankar     Psychobiology
Dr Lee Smith     Energy Balance & Cancer and Obesity
Dr Sam Smith University Academic Fellow, University of Leeds    Cancer Communication & Screening
Dr Katriina Whitaker Senior Lecturer and Lead in Cancer Care, University of Surrey   Cancer Communication & Screening, ECHO
Rose Wilson      
Bin Yu Associate Professor in Psychology, Tianjin Medical University yubin80[at]tmu.edu.cn  
Former Staff and Students