The Institute has an internationally competitive research programme focused on:

  • Understanding the determinants of health and disease across the life-course in populations and in patients in clinical settings, including the investigation of genetic, biological, behavioural, psychosocial and cultural processes;
  • Evaluating strategies for the prevention and treatment of physical and mental ill-health;
  • Monitoring and surveillance of health and health care nationally and internationally;
  • Carrying out innovative work on behaviour change and on the practice of primary care;
  • Developing and implementing new technologies in teaching and research in population health;
  • Teaching and capacity building in population health research and practice.
  • Applied health and health policy research

As an Institute we have strong national and international interdisciplinary collaborations with a large portfolio of international research linked to the UCL Global Health Initiative.

Details of the specific research themes and activities can be found using the links below:

EPH (Research Department of Epidemiology & Public Health)
IPH (Research Department of Infection & Population Health)
PCPH (Research Department of Primary Care & Population Health)
DAHR (Department of Applied Health Research)
MRC LHA (MRC Unit of Lifelong Health & Ageing at UCL)