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Social Neuroscience

GROUP LEADER - Dr Antonia Hamilton

Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience
Alexandra House, 17 Queen Square
London, WC1N 3AZ
Telephone: +442076794640
Email: a.hamilton@ucl.ac.uk

Antonia Hamilton



The Social Neuroscience group studies the underlying mechanisms of social interaction, and whether these develop differently in individuals with autism spectrum condition.
Our research spans many domains and questions:
Social - how do people interact with other people, in particular nonverbal interaction and hand actions?
Cognitive - what are the information processing mechanisms involved in social interaction?
Developmental -how does social cognition develop over childhood and why does this development sometimes go wrong?
Motor - how do we move in response to others, interacting as well as perceiving?
Neuroscience - what brain systems and connections are involved in social interaction?
To answer these questions, we use behavioural, cognitive, virtual reality and brain scanning methods to study healthy children and adults as well as those with autism spectrum condition.

 Group Members

Roser Cañigueral
Patrick Falk
Harry Farmer
Paul Forbes
Alexandra Georgescu
Sujatha Krishnan-Barman
Davide Paoletti
Jamie A Ward
Sarah White