Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience


Metacognition & Executive Functions

GROUP LEADER - Prof. Paul Burgess

Email: p.burgess@ucl.ac.uk

Paul Burgess

GROUP LEADER - Emeritus Prof. Tim Shallice

Email: t.shallice@ucl.ac.uk

Tim Shallice

GROUP LEADER - Dr Sam Gilbert

Email: sam.gilbert@ucl.ac.uk

Sam Gilbert


The group carries out research on executive functions, the processes that supervise the operation of other cognitive processes and which are primarily located in the frontal lobes of the brain. We use a variety of cognitive neuroscience methods, principally functional imaging (PET, fMRI), human neuropsychology (group lesion studies, single case investigations), computational modelling, human experimental psychological investigations, developmental studies (i.e. studies of how cognition changes as the brain develops) and studies of ageing. The 4 main strands of research being carried out by the group focus on: the roles played by different regions of the frontal lobes in human cognition (particularly brain area 10); the processes controlling how information is stored and retrieved from memory; planning, multitasking, and remembering delayed intentions (prospective memory); the clinical applications of our work (e.g. cognitive neurorehabilitation, psychological treatments, development of assessment tools).

Clarisse Aichelburg
Annika Boldt
Sarah White