Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience


Dr Jake Fairnie

Alexandra House, 17 Queen Square, London, WC1N 3AZ
Phone: +442076795552
Email: jake.fairnie@ucl.ac.uk

Jake Fairnie

Current Research and Interests

Jake’s research focuses on attention, awareness and unconscious processing. He is interested in how our brains cope with the overwhelming amount of sensory information in today’s hectic world. Jake is fascinated by how we can be distracted by our name in a distant conversation at a party or an attractive individual in the street and yet, at the same time, fail to notice a pedestrian crossing the road, the touch of a pickpocket, or a magician’s sleight of hand.

Jake also makes science films, chocolate brains and is co-founder and Director of MiniManuscript.com - a literature-summary website that is creating a more efficient, open and connected academic world.