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How to Apply

1. Complete a UCL graduate application form, together with the disability and ethnic origin monitoring form. At the start of the online application form search for 'Cognitive Neuroscience' and select the MSc Full-time study option.

2. The online application form has a section for a supporting statement.  In addition to this statement we require that applicants submit a personal statement which follows our specific MSc programme guidelines.  You can either intergrate this personal statement within the supporting statement or attach it as a seperate document at the end of the application form. It is also acceptable to attach a personal statment that follows our guidelines and leave the supporting statement section of the applicaiton form empty.

3. When you have submitted your application to UCL please send an email to . This will help us monitor your application.

4. After you have submitted your application form you will be able to log in to the UCL Applicants Portal. You can view and amend parts of your application form, such as contact and referee details. The applicant portal can be found here:

Application Deadline

UCL has an application deadline for taught post-graduate programmes of 29 July 2016.  However, we are accepting applications for 2016/17 and have now started to make offers.   Once all places have been filled we will stop accepting new applications.  It is very likely that all places will be filled much earlier than the general UCL deadline in August.  Therefore, it is recommended that you submit an application form as soon as possible.

Contact us if you need help with the application process.

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