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MRes in Cognitive Neuroscience

The MRes in Cognitive Neuroscience is a degree programme offered by the Division of Psychology and Language Sciences.  The programme focuses on the relationship between the mind and the brain in healthy and brain-damaged individuals. 

UCL is among the principal research centres in the world in this area and offers an ideal environment to study cognitive neuroscience. As a student on the programme, you will become part of this vibrant academic community. 

There is increasing international demand for high-quality research training on mental processes in the healthy and diseased human brain. This MRes brings together some of the world's leading researchers in cognitive neuroscience and cognitive neuropsychology, offering students an ideal environment to prepare for independent research careers in this fast developing field.

The programme is delivered through a combination of lectures, tutorials, problem classes, laboratory classes and student presentations. Depending on the chosen taught modules, it includes case demonstrations of neuropsychological patients, hands-on experience of analysing neuroimaging data, critical analyses of published scientific papers, and discussion seminars. Assessment is through exams, essays, practical exercises, reports and the research dissertation.

The MRes consists of 4 taught modules (15 UCL credits each), two of which are compulsory and two can be selected by the student.  The research project element of the MRes is much larger (120 UCL credits) when compared with the MSc programme.

What are the main differences with the MSc version of the programme?


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