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Work, health and wellbeing

Work Histories Men and Women born 1970

This theme considers the relationships between forms of work, family life and health.

Who does what? Divisions of labour forms and health & wellbeing

Research Team: McMunn, A; Webb, E; Sacker, A; Cable, N with collaborators Abell, J and Akinwale, B
Data Sources: Understanding Society, or the United Kingdom Household Longitudinal Study (UKHLS)and the British Household Panel Study(BHPS) sub-sample
Timetable Project 2a: 2015 - 2017

Changing social roles, health effects in men and women

Research Team: McMunn, A; Sacker, A; Kelly, Y; Kumari, M; Webb, E and collaborators McDonough, P; Worts, D; Corna, L
Data source:
1946 National Survey of Health and Development (NSHD); 1958 National Child Development Study (NCDS);the 1970 British Cohort Study (BCS70)
Project 2b: 2013 - 2015

Any job is better than no job? Job quality, later retirement age and health

Research Team: Chandola,T; Netuveli, G; with affiliate Head, J
Data Sources:
the British Household Panel Study(BHPS), United Kingdom Household Longitudinal Study (UKHLS), Whitehall II and English Longitudinal Study on Ageing (ELSA)
Timetable Project 2c: 2013 - 2015

WorkLife blog covering of research findings from these and other childhood and adolescence projects.

Call Centre Workers

Advisory Panel

  • Anne McMunn, Panel Chairperson, ICLS member and   Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Social Science and Population Health, UCL

External members

  • Bola Akinwale, Government Social Researcher, DWP
  • Adrienne Burgess, Joint Chief Executive & Head of Research, Fatherhood Institute
  • Ian Draper, Coordinator, UK National Work Stress Network Network
  • Penny Mansfield CBE, Director One plus One

ICLS members

  • Tarani Chandola, ICLS member and Professor of Medical Sociology
  • Rebecca Lacey, ICLS graduate and Research Associate, UCL
  • Amanda Sacker, ICLS Director and Professor of Quantitative Social Science
  • Meena Kumari, ICLS member and Professor in Biomedical and Social Sciences

Annual Meeting: June 2014