Research Seminars

Seminar Room

Co-ordinator: Gopalakrishnan Netuveli

Day & Time: Wednesdays 3 pm

2015/2016 Speaker Title
Tue May 19

Tue May 19

 Meena Kumari  Biomarkers: biological significance and measurement
 Tue May 12  Hanna-Marie Creese  Multiple psychosocial stressors in the home environment, childhood obesity and social emotional development over the first decade of life in the Millenium Cohort Studay
 Tue May 5  Claire Mawditt  ESRC POST Fellowship: Reflections on working in the House of Lords library
 Tue Apr 28  Anthony Laverty  Sweetened beverage consumption and adiposity in the Millennium Cohort Study
 Wed March 25  Rob Meadows  Exploring mental health within couples over time: a dyadic longitudinal analysis
 Wed March 18

1. Gemma Archer

2. Baowen Xue

1.Do lifetime symptoms of depression and anxiety predict mortality? And, if so, why?

2. The impacts of retirement on CVD risk factors in China.

 Wed March 11  Natasha Wood Marital history and physical functioning at older ages in England and the USA
 Wed March 4  Paul Watts Maintaining the Olympics legacy: how sports and social clubs can help older people stay active and prevent obesity
 Wed Feb 25  Loretta Platts Retirement Reversals: a lifecourse analysis using the British Household Panel Survey
 Wed Feb 18  Milagros Ruiz Modelling the life course effects of educational attainment on CHD risk at midlife: A comparative analysis of the 1946 and 1958 birth cohorts
 Wed Feb 11  Gopal Netuveli Cultural deconstruction of CASP-19: the structure of the Japanese version
 Wed Feb 4 Francisca Roman Adolescent binge drinking in Chile: Does it matter which school they go to?
 Wed Jan 28 Maki Umeda Does a good job make women happier in contemporary Japan?  Findings from the Japanese Study of Health, Occupation, and Psychosocial Factors Related Equity (J-HOPE)
Wed Jan 21 Alison Sizer Non-employment: a risk factor for poor cognitive function and decline in later life

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 2013/2014 Speaker
 Wed December 3 Martin Hyde Two worlds of retirement?  Exploring the impact of labour market exit on health
 Wed November 12 Elizabeth Webb Early life socio-economic circumstances and height in  older age
 Wed November 5  David Blane  A Life course approach to longevity risk
 Wed October 29  Claire Mawditt Clustering health-related behaviours and their association with subjective health using two British birth cohort studies. 
 Wed October 22  Yvonne Kelly Who are the 11 year old drinkers?  Findings from the Millennium Cohort Study
 Wed July 9  Michelle Kelly-Irving The perinatal environment and the metabolic syndrome in mid-life: what can a historical cohort tell us about current hypotheses?
 Wed July 2  Scott Montgomery Cancer risk and cardiovascular disease in multiple sclerosis patients
 Wed June 18  Jessica Abell Sleep and well-being-does the association differ on the well-being measure examined?
 Wed June 11  David Blane What's wrong with socio-economic status?
 Wed June 4  Nicola Shelton What can we learn from the geography of health?
 Wed May 7  Ian Plewis Indian farmer suicides: is GM cotton to blame?
 Wed Apr 30  David Blane Social-biological transitions - how does the social become biological?
 Wed Mar 26
Alison Sizer Economic Activity: a risk factor for later life cognitive decline?
 Wed Mar 19
Laurie Corna Poverty and Health Dynamics in Comparative Perspective
 Wed Mar 12
Francisca Roman Mella School level variability in binge drinking in Chile
 Wed Mar 5
Baowen Xue Retirement and CVD: China vs. England
 Wed Feb 26
Milagros Ruiz Educational attainment and CHD risk in later life: A systematic comparison between cohorts in the UK
 Wed Feb 19
Claire Mawditt The Clustering of Health-Related Behaviours and Subsequent Mental Health and Self-Rated Health Outcomes: in 2 Birth Cohort Studies
 Wed Feb 12
Afshin Zilanawala Multipartnered Fertility and Material Hardship
 Wed Feb 5
Andy Ross
Time Trends in psychosocial disorders among young people and their explanation
 Wed Jan 29
Domenico Rasulo Effect of soioeconomic and parental health inequalities on mortality 'The Turin Longitudinal Study'
Wed Jan 22
Natasha Wood Marital History and physical functioning at older ages in England and the USA
 Wed Jan 15
Noriko Cable UK teen's alcohol and smoking initiation: a tale from the Understanding Society
 Wed Jan 8
 Lauren Bird
Gender, Work and domestic practices in 21st century Britain - implications for family well-being and child development

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