Current research is grouped under four themes:

  • Wellbeing in childhood and adolescence
  • Work, health and wellbeing
  • Social influences on successful ageing
  • Social-biological interface.

and the two cross-cutting areas of ICLS research are:

  • Longitudinal methodology, and
  • International comparisons

Findings from ICLS research carried out beteen 2008 - 2013 are summarized in the plain English  publication 'Life Gets Under Your Skin' edited by Professor Mel Bartley and a list of associated academic publications is provided from this website.

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The International Centre for Lifecourse Studies in Society and Health (ICLS) is funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) RES-596-28-0001 (2008 - 2012) ES/J019119/1 (2013 - 2017). ICLS is a multidisciplinary  research centre, directed by Professor Amanda Sacker, that supports  supports research at UCL,  University of Manchester, University of East London and Örebro  University Hospital Sweden.