Open Book
  • ICLS BOOKLETS Offer a summary of a body of research spanning the life course in an easy to read format with references for further reading and policy recommendations.
  • ICLS BRIEFING NOTES are produced in order to assist policy making, primarily in the UK. Findings presented in the ICLS Briefing Notes are relevant to government, private and third sector organizations.
  • ICLS OCCASIONAL PAPERS make available easy to read transcripts of presentations by or to ICLS members which have not been published elsewhere.
  • ICLS JOURNAL ARTICLES (Jan 2008 - current). This list gives details of all ICLS journal articles published to date. For more information on any article please email: icls [at] 

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The International Centre for Lifecourse Studies in Society and Health (ICLS) is funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) RES-596-28-0001 (2008 - 2012) ES/J019119/1 (2013 - 2017). ICLS is a multidisciplinary  research centre, directed by Professor Amanda Sacker, that supports  research at UCL,  University of Manchester, University of East London, University of Essex and Örebro  University Hospital Sweden.