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Former PhD students 2008 -

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Jessica Abell ICLS/ESRC Research Student (2010 - 2013)

Dr Abell's research investigates health and well-being in later life. 

Her PhD explored gender differences in the association between marital status and quality of life in early old age, using the Survey of Health and Ageing in Europe (SHARE) and ELSA. 

She is currently working  on a project funded by the Dunhill Medical Trust examining midlife sleep patterns and functional health in older people, with the Whitehall II research group at UCL. Jessica has a BsocSc in Sociology and an Msc in Sociological Research from The University of Manchester. (25/03/13)

Jessica Abell

Robert de Vries

ICLS/ESRC Research Student (2008 - 2011)

Dr Robert de Vries was a PhD student and Research Associate at ICLS. His PhD research focused on investigating the ‘inequality hypothesis’ – the idea that high levels of economic inequality result in worse population health (among other things). As a Research Associate he used the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing(ELSA) to investigate the effects of fuel poverty and poor housing quality on older people’s health. He left ICLS in 2011 to take up a postdoctoral research fellowship in the Sociology department at Oxford University. He is also co-editor of the social science and policy blog Inequalities. (25/03/13) Robert de Vries
Ellen Flint ICLS /ESRC Research Student (2008 -2011) Dr Flint's  PhD research involved investigating the effects of economic recession on mental health in the UK using a lifecourse perspective. Ellen is currently Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Urban Health at the London school of Hygien and Tropical Medicine. Ellen’s background is in Geography -MA Cantab, 2004–2007 and Demography - MSc, LSHTM 2007–2008. (30/07/12) Ellen Flint
Rebecca Lacey ICLS / ESRC Research student (2008 - 2012) Rebecca’s PhD research involved investigating how parental separation experienced in childhood influences psychological distress in adulthood, with a particular focus on explaining why this link exists. Rebecca has a BSc (Hons) in Human Biology & Health Studies and MSc in Health & Society: Social Epidemiology and she is currently working as a Research Associate on an ERC funded project Health Effects of Social Change in Gender, Work & Family: Life Course Evidence from Britain with Dr Anne McMunn. Rebecca Lacey
Jitka Pikhartova UCL / ESRC Research student (2008 - 2012) Jitka's PhD research involved investigating parental work-life balance and offspring's health and well-being in  adolescence. Recently, she has been involved in the analysis of ELSA data focusing on determinants of type-2 diabetes over the life-course. From spring 2013, she will be involved in the analysis of ESRC-funded project investigating the role of social isolation and social relationships on health using ELSA data as a post-doctoral Research Fellow in Quantitative Gerontology at Brunel University London. (25/03/2013) Vitka Pikhartova