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Events & News: 2016

Anne McMunn teaching

November 26: Health Inequality; An Introduction to Concepts, Theories and Methods, 2nd edition.

  • Interested in understanding and addressing the persisting challenge of social inequalities? We are pleased to announce the second edition of Mel Bartley's popular book Health Inequalities. Discount available till 31 Dec 2016.

October 18: Quarterly Centre Day

  • ICLS UK and International collaborators are welcome to join this meeting. Speakers include Hazel Inskip, Gopal Netuveli, Elizabeth Webb, Scott Mongomery, Noriko Cable and Afshin Zilanawala.  ICLS October Quarterly Meeting programme.

October 5: Workshop : Social-to-biological transitions and biomarkers, Bamberg

  • The workshop will cover the i) principles governing interactions between social exposures and biological processes ii)the biomarkers in population surveys and be  the main measurement issues associated with these biomarkers and iii) How to created a social-biological model for a health outcome. The workshop  (No. 3) runs prior to the SLLS conference which is being held this year in Bamberg, Germany.

September 27-28: Nordic-UK workshop on life-course research in health and disease

  • The workshop aimed at PhD students aims to provide an opportunity for students, supervisors and researchers from Sweden, Finland, Iceland and the UK to exchange information on research findings and methods.  Please contact Professor Scott Montgomery for further information.  Nordic-UK workshop programme

August 31- September 2: NCRM /ICLS Autumn School: The use of biomarkers in social science research

  • A residential training event for early career researchers led by Professors Kumari and Chandola.  The aim of the school is to help researchers in the social sciences get familiar with the standard and new biomarker data that are available in longitudinal surveys such as Understanding Society and the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing. Email Claire Spencer , NCRM administrator, Manchester University for more information or visit the NCRM website.

July 12: Quarterly Centre Day

  • ICLS  UK and International collaborators are welcome to join this meeting. Speakers include David Voas, Mai Stafford, Debbie Lawlor and Richard Watt.  ICLS July Quarterly Meeting programme.

June 27 - July 1: Summer School : Longitudinal & Life Course Research: Milan

  • This popular summer school is being organised by Professor Ross MacMillan  Bocconi University, Milan

June 22 -23: ICLS/University of Torino workshop

April 25:  WorkLife blog.

  • Edited by Amanda Sacker, ICLS Director, we have launched a new WorkLife, blog about the relationship between work and  health and well-being of people, whether they are preparing for  working life, managing their work / life balance or preparing for retirement and life beyond retirement. This blog is aimed at sharing our research with employees, employers, policy makers, trade unions, occupational health specialists, and other health professionals responsible for the wellbeing of the workforce. Its purpose is to make sure that what we find can be properly understood and taken into consideration when decisions that affect our working lives are being made. Please take a look and leave your comments. Follow us to get notifications of the latest posts join us on Twitter @WorkLife_blog

April 20: Day School: How does the social become biological?

  • An ICLS day school to help researchers conceptualise social-biological transitions over the life course in a way that is socially and biologically plausible.  Day school programme.

April 19: Quarterly Centre Day

  • ICLS UK and International collaborators are welcome to join this meeting. Speakers include Kate Pickett, University of Yorkk and and Sarah Arber, University of Surrey. ICLS Quarterly Meeting Programme.

March 4: Research Findings - What influences 11-year-olds to drink?

  • This study, available on open access, is the first to examine drinking behaviors in very early adolescence in relation to a wide range of factors that are associated with alcohol consumption in children, such as family, friends and the young person’s views about alcohol. Read more from the author in The Conversation

January 25: Lecture and transcript : Adolescence and Stress

January 19 : Quarterly Centre Day

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