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  • Competition is open for applicants to join the first cohort of students in the new Soc-B Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Biosocial Science jointly funded by the Economic & Social Research Council and the Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council.
  • For further details please view the centre information brief and to apply please visit the training centre website https://socbcdt.wordpress.com/. The deadline for applications is Thursday 1 June at 4.00pm.

October 31: Quarterly Centre Day

September 6-8: Society for Social Medicine (SSM), Annual Scientific Meeting

  • The next Society for social medicine conference will be hosted by University of Manchester.  Abstracts on health services research, health policy, public health, sociology, economics, psychology, epidemiology, statistics, qualitative  research and/or mixed methods research are welcomed, deadline is the 3rd March 2017.  Please see link for more information http://www.hg3.co.uk/ssm/.

July 18: Quarterly Centre Day

ICLS UK and International collaborators are welcome to join this meeting. Speakers include Heather Joshi, David Blane, Noriko Cable, Hanna- Marie Creese, Tahera Razavi, Sol Richardson and Alison Sizer ICLS July Quarterly meeting programme.

June 21: Policy Seminar - Isolation and Health

In the last decade, the Europe 2020 strategy included targets to prevent older people from being socially excluded and the Campaign to End Loneliness was launched in the UK. With the relationship of health and well-being with social isolation and loneliness being increasingly recognised, this seminar of four presentations showcases recent research on longitudinal changes in health and social isolation and what might be done to break the link between them. For further details please see seminar page.

June 14: WorkLife Blog

Retiring early: the links with childhood

June 2: Child of Our Time Blog

Screen use at seven: overweight at 11. Why it’s time to say no to a TV in the bedroom for children

May 25: Child of Our Time Blog

A risky problem: what can keep young people away from alcohol and cigarettes?

May 8: WorkLife Blog

Could frailty screening help extend our working lives?

April 25: Quarterly Centre Day

ICLS UK and International collaborators are welcome to join this meeting. Speakers include Morag Henderson, Yvonne Kelly, Rebecca Lacey, Elizabeth Webb and Patricia Crowley. ICLS April Quarterly meeting programme.

April 25: Child of Our Time Blog

Tackling the childhood obesity epidemic: Can regular bedtimes help?

April 11: WorkLife Blog

Organisational change: impact on early retirement

March 6: WorkLife Blog

Frailty: what is the connection with our working lives?

February 6: WorkLife Blog

Healthy pensioners: Is working in our 60s good for us?

January 31: Child of Our Time Blog

Reducing harm from alcohol consumption

January 17: Quarterly Centre Day

  • ICLS UK and International collaborators are welcome to join this meeting. Speakers include Danny Dorling, Debbie Lawlor, Tarani Chandola, Anne McMunn, and Meena Kumari. ICLS January Quarterly meeting programme.

January 15: Child of Our Time Blog

Be prepared: the mental health benefits of scouting and guiding

January 11: WorkLife Blog

Work and family conflict: who is at risk?

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