Borrowing Books

Books are listed on the “eUCLid” web catalogue at http://library.ucl.ac.uk and shelved in a classified order in the Reading Room. Most books may be borrowed by holders of a valid library card, for 8 weeks. This period may have to be reduced if the book is requested by someone else. Fines are charged at 20p per day if these books are overdue.

Material from the SOURCE collection may be borrowed for 1 week. Items may be renewed if they are not requested by someone else. Fines are charged at 30p per day if these books are overdue.

When borrowing books, items for loan will be de-activated and they can then be removed from the library. 'Live' books (and journals), if taken through the book detection system, will cause the alarm to sound, and the exit door to lock.

Borrowing books Borrowing books Source Borrowing

Renewing Books  

Both standard and 1 week loans can be renewed if your loans are not already overdue, if you owe no money to the Library or if nobody else has requested them. You can do it online using your own library account by selecting “My Account” at the top of the eUCLid catalogue screen at http://library.ucl.ac.uk, in person at the Issue Desk of any UCL Libraries or by telephone during opening hour.

Returning Books

During staffed hours books should be returned to the library counter. When the library is not staffed, volumes should be returned through the letterbox located in the wall near to the library counter.

Readers will be required to meet the cost of replacement of any item which is lost or damaged whilst on loan to them.

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