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UCL Institute of Child health Library

Computing facilities

Facilities for UCL staff & students


There are 12 UCL network computers which UCL staff & students can use: eight of these are located in the main computer area at the front of the library; four more are at the back of the Library. 


Eduroam wireless connection is available throughout the library for: UCL staff; students and members of participating higher education organisations.

UCL computers

Printing, photocopying & Scanning

The Library has Print@UCL facilities (Black and white/colour printing, photocopying and scanning to email).

For information on charges see:

Facilities for GOSH staff


There are five computers in the library linked to the GOSH network. These are for GOSH staff only and require a GOSH account to login.  These machines are linked to a printer.  To print, you will need to select the printer.  Instructions are given on the laminated sheets which are stuck to the desk.  One machine is connected to a scanner.

All of these computers have EndNote X7 installed.

Access to UCL electronic journals and databases

There are five computers, known as ‘Explore Access Points’, which GOSH members of the library can use to access the ejournals and databases which UCL subscribes to.  Journal articles can be saved to a non-encrypted USB stick. From here users can also search UCL’s library catalogue in order to locate books and other printed resources, place interlibrary loan requests and request items from the UCL Library Stores.  Printing and internet access is not available from these machines.

Explore machines


Black and white/colour copying is available via a machine situated just outside the quiet reading room. Hospital staff can register and pay for copying using a cash loader.  For more information see:


One of the GOSH computers is connected to a scanner.

Interlibrary loans

Library members may apply for items to be borrowed from other libraries. This covers books and photocopies of articles. Requests should be made online through the UCL library catalogue at

Click on the "ILL" option at the top of the library catalogue page. You will need to sign in with your libary barcode (on the back of your ID badge) and PIN number (ask at the library issue desk if you don't know your PIN).

Once you have signed in, choose the material type you want to request, either

  • book
  • conference proceeding
  • report
  • thesis
  • journal or journal article

Please complete a separate request form for each item:

  • multi-volume books - one form per volume required
  • journal articles - one form per article
  • multi-articles in a journal issue/conference proceedings - one form per issue/conference

Please note: UK copyright law does not allow more than one article to be photocopied from the same bound issue or volume.

Please remember to read and sign the copyright declaration if requesting a photocopy. To comply with UK copyright law the details and signature must be of the person who requires the photocopied material.

The cost remains at £3.00. If you are planning to pay with a grant, please state this in the box marked "extra information". The £3.00 ILL charge has to be paid on collection. Please note that any additional request charges (eg location search, world wide search) will be chargeable at the full rate levied by the British Library. You may view a list of these charges here.

Copyright declarations for inter-library loans

From 31 October 2003 new copyright laws came into force which as a consequence of the EU Directive on copyright (2001/29/EC). This requires that anyone who submits an inter-library loan request must sign a declaration stating whether the item requested will be used for a "commercial" or "non-commercial" purpose.

If the request is identified as "commercial", there will be an additional fee to pay which varies from publisher to publisher.

Under the new legislation, the person ordering the item is liable if the declaration is found to be false.

The legislation gives few guidelines as to what counts as "commercial" copying. It appears to be synonymous with "directly or indirectly income generating". The purpose for which the copy is required is the main factor. Therefore even though a university is a non-commercial organisation, an item would need to be declared as "commercial" copying if it will be used for direct or indirect financial gain.

The following may provide some useful guidance:

Examples of 'commercial' copying:

  • market research
  • research relevant to R&D where the results will be passed to a commercial company for commercial use
  • research or work undertaken for private patients

Examples of 'non commercial' copying:

  • private research or study not related to any commercial venture
  • R&D in educational establishments not related to any commercial venture
  • research or work undertaken for NHS patients

For further guidance and information, please see our leaflet on this legislation. Additional information may also be found on the UCL Libraries copyright page and the British Library webpage on copyright.

For journal articles, it may be possible to get full details from Medline, Cinahl or Web of Science.

For books, bibliographic details may be available in the National Library of Medicine Web Catalogue, or the BMA Library.

Photocopying, Printing and Scanning 

Facilities for UCL staff & students

The Library has Print@UCL facilities (Black and white/colour printing, photocopying and scanning to email).

For information on charges see:

Facilities for GOSH members

Non-UCL users need to create a guest account in order to photocopy:

Before using the MFDs, visitors need to create a ‘guest account’ using a cash loader by following the procedure below:

  1. From the home screen on the cash loader select ‘Guest Sign Up’
  2. Enter your name and then a 4 digit PIN code. Press ‘Finish’
  3. The screen will then display a unique Guest Login Number permanently assigned to you. You can note down this number and your PIN on the cards provided, and the login number will also be printed on your receipt.
  4. Enter required coins or notes and the balance will be displayed on the screen. Select ‘Finish’ to complete
  5. A receipt showing your balance and your Login Number will be printed.
  6. At the MFD – select ‘Alternate Login’ and enter your Guest Login Number and your chosen PIN code on the device to access photocopying services


There is a scanner in the GOSH computer area of the library.




Borrowing Books 

Books are listed on the ‘Explore’ web catalogue at

Books in the Child Health collection are largely Standard Loans, and may be borrowed by holders of a valid library card for 8 weeks. This period may be reduced if the book is requested by another borrower. 

Fines are charged at 20p per day if these books are overdue.

Material from the Global Health collection may be borrowed for 1 week. Items may be renewed if they are not requested by someone else.Fines are charged at 30p per day if these books are overdue. 

Borrowed items need to be issued and de-activated before they can be removed from the library. If items are taken out of the library without being deactivated, the alarm will sound and the exit door will lock. 

Some items are marked ‘Reference Only’ and cannot be taken out of the library.

Renewing Books  

Loans can be renewed online by selecting ‘My Account’ at the top of the Explore catalogue screen, in person at the Issue Desk of any UCL Libraries or by telephone during opening hours. 

Loans cannot be renewed on requested items, or if you have outstanding overdue loans or balances on your account.

Returning Books

During staffed hours books should be returned to the library counter. When the library is not staffed, items should be returned through the letterbox located in the wall near to the library counter.

Readers will be required to meet the cost of replacement of any item which is lost or damaged whilst on loan to them.

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