UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health


Terms and conditions

General conditions

The Institute reserves the right to withold permission from any organisation for the use of its premises.

Organisers may, in certain circumstances, be required to include in their promotional literature a reference to the effect that their event is in no way associated with, or endorsed by, the Institute of Child Health or Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Event organisers wishing to book the facilities are required to notifiy the Institute in advance of any other organisations providing sponsorship for or associated with the event to be held at the Institute. The Institute reserves the right not to allow certain organisations to be associated in any way with an event to be held on its premises.

Organisers must ensure that their activities and those of their delegates conform with standard health and safety practices.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the Institute's premises.

Should the Institute of Child Health for any reason beyond its control be unable to fulfil its commitments, it will not be liable for any damages or compensation.

Cancellation charges

Please note that the following cancellation charges may be made:

  • 25% of quoted hire charges between one month and two weeks before the event
  • 75% of quoted hire charges less than two weeks before the event.


Invoices for venue hire, catering and conference management will be issued separately after the event. Payment of all invoices is required within 30 days of invoice date unless otherwise stated.