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Population, Policy and Practice

Institute of Child Health
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Seminar Series

The Programme runs a monthly seminar series

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Population, Policy and Practice

We are a multi-disciplinary group of researchers with an international reputation for population-level and clinical research that influences public health policy and practice.

Our aim is to promote the health of children and young people and the adults they will become through conducting research:

  • across the life course
  • on common, chronic and complex conditions, in addition to rare disorders
  • on defining and measuring what matters for children, young people and their families
  • recognising the wider contexts of children's lives


Statistical Growth Curve Analysis

Professor Tim Cole’s current focus of work, funded by the Medical Research Council, is to develop a method of statistical growth curve analysis called SITAR, which is particularly well suited to characterising growth during puberty.

Another interest is the use of developmental age for assessing the chronological age of  asylum seekers, and in particular whether or not they have reached the age of majority.

Medical Research Council

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