Chris O'Callahan

Section Head

Professor Chris O'Callaghan


Respiratory, Critical Care and Anaesthesia section (Portex Unit)
Infection, Immunity and Inflammation Programme
Institute of Child Health
30 Guilford Street
London WC1N 1EH

Respiratory, Critical Care and Anaesthesia

The multi-disciplinary research teams within the Respiratory, Critical Care and Anaesthesia (RCCA) Section at the UCL, Institute of Child Health investigate the causes, consequences and treatments of cardio-respiratory diseases in childhood.  This work is of immense clinical importance because cardiorespiratory disease - the major cause of death in Western society - has its origins in childhood, and respiratory illness is the most common cause of paediatric admission to hospital in the UK. 

The RCCA section includes several groups with complementary research interests in clinical and basic science.

Research Groups 

Other activities

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