UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health


Infection, Inflammation and Rheumatology

The Infection, Inflammation and Rheumatology Section (IIR) aims to encourage world-class research into understanding the mechanisms and treatment of inflammatory, immunological and infectious diseases. 

Combining the Infectious Disease and Microbiology and the Rheumatology Units of old into one Section (IIR) within the III programme has facilitated further collaboration between the major section PI's, including strengthening links with the clinical departments of paediatric infectious disease, microbiology, paediatric gastroenterology and paediatric rheumatology in Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The formation of this combined section, which houses six main research groups, comes at a fortuitous time in relation to evolving projects in the fields of infection, inflammation and immunity. 

The ARUK Centre for Adolescent Rheumatology and the Reuben's Centre for Paediatric Virology and Metagenomics are exciting developments in the IIR Section, linking it to related research at UCL, as well as at UCLH and GOSH.

Research groups

Gastrointestinal Infection and Immunity Research Group
Host-Pathogen Interactions and their Influence on Human Disease Research Group
Immunopathogenesis of Arthritis Research Group
Inflammatory Muscle Disease Research Group
Vasculitis and Autoinflammation Research Group