Molecular and Cellular Immunology
Institute of Child Health
30 Guilford Street
London WC1N 1EH

Molecular and Cellular Immunology

The section of Molecular and Cellular Immunology at ICH researches into the molecular basis of primary immunodeficiency disorders, and other related haematopoietic disorders and is developing improved forms of treatment.  One such form of treatment is somatic gene therapy, which has become a reality with the initiation of clinical trials for three life-threatening primary immunodeficiency disorders.

The section comprises over 50 basis and clinical scientists, ranging from laboratory research assistants and graduate students to Consultant Immunologists and Professors.  All scientists work as part of a team and on one or more problem related to the theme of our research.

Professor H B Gaspar is head of the Section of Molecular and Cellular Immunology.

Professor Adrian Thrasher is Head of the Programme of Infection, Immunity, Inflammation and Physiological Medicine

Adrian Thrasher's Research Group


  • Dr Mike Blundell
  • Dr Pili Munoz-Fernandez
  • Dr Dale Moulding
  • Dr Giorgia Santilli
  • Dr Fang Zhang

Bobby Gaspar's Research Group


  • Dr Federico Moretti
  • Dr Marlene Carmo
  • Dr Claudia Montiel-Equiha

Persis Amrolia's Research Group


  • Dr Sarah Albon
  • Dr Ida Ricciardelli
  • Dr Jenny Yeung

Waseem Qasim's Research Group


  • Dr Hong Zhan
  • Dr Emma Chan
  • Dr Claire Deakin
  • Dr Winnie Ip
  • Dr David Ho
  • Dr Sian Stafford
  • Dr Sameer Syed

Steven Howe's Research Group

Dr Steven Howe leads a multidisciplinary group with a predominant interest in gene therapy and the technology of gene delivery. 

Much of our work involves the development and use of retroviruses as tools for gene transfer, especially HIV-1 based lentiviral vectors.  We are striving to produced improved vectors, as well as gaining a better understanding of existing systems; in particular the expression of transgenes from integration deficient lentiviruses.

Our focus for the application of gene therapy is to treat inherited metabolic disorders such as those affecting lysosomal storage, including Gaucher Disease and Fabry-Anderson disease.  The approach we use commonly use is the correction of the patient’s own blood stem cells, and so we also have an interest in the biology and use of these progenitor cell populations.

The same tools can be utilised in vitro and we also have projects exploring the improvement of therapeutic protein production in cell lines.

Read more about Gene therapy and vector development group.

Kenth Gustafsson's Research Group


  • Vestibulum Pharetra
  • Nam Iaculis
  • Orci Mattis

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