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GOSHCC Surgeon Scientist PhD Programme

Call for PhD Project Proposals

Applications are invited for PhD Projects

Great Ormond Street Hospital Chairty

GOSHCC Surgeon Scientist PhD programme

Call for PhD Project Proposals

Applications are invited for PhD Projects

GOS ICH is launching round 2 of the GOSHCC Surgeon Scientist PhD programme aimed as surgical trainees ready to begin a career in academia. This scheme will support the salary of the student, tuition fees, consumables and travel.

The DBC Programme, in association with the Research Degrees Office, is inviting colleagues across GOSH/GOS ICH to submit PhD project proposals. We will only consider proposals from clinical academic partnerships which will provide students with both a clinical and academic supervisor/mentor.

You are asked at this stage to submit a project suitable for a PhD Studentship to begin in 2018. Following submission of project applications there will be five stages to the process:

  1. Supervisors are asked to submit Project Proposal forms for consideration
  2. There will be a preliminary review of the project outlines by a central review panel which will result in a portfolio* of possible projects to be advertised
  3. Students will be interviewed and selected by a central ICH committee
  4. Selected students will be paired up with supervisors on the basis of the outline projects in the portfolio
  5. A request will be made for the supervisor to supply a fully updated project description to be reviewed by two independent ICH academics, to ensure that selected projects are fully approved and up-to-date

*Inclusion of your project in the portfolio will not guarantee you a student.

Project submissions are invited from all academic areas to ensure we are able to offer students a wide variety of projects that covers all aspects of research at ICH/GOSH. Projects should be submitted by the student’s intended supervisor.

All projects will be considered on an equal footing.

Applicants with overdue final reports to an external funding body will not be considered.

Supervisors may submit 1 or more project outlines for inclusion in the portfolio. Due to the fact that the main project review takes place after the student selection procedure, there will be some flexibility to update the selected projects at that later date.

Application Guidance

Application Form

Applications should be submitted by email to Gemma Molyneux g.molyneux@ucl.ac.uk.

The deadline for receipt of applications is 30th October, 2017 (5pm)