ICH Events

April 2014

14 - 16 April 
CITY 2014

Cardiology in the Young

Cardiology in the Young is the Great Ormond Street Hospital Cardiac
Unit’s flagship annual international paediatric cardiac conference.
This lecture-based interactive conference is attended by paediatric
cardiologists, surgeons, nurses, intensivists, anaesthesiologists,
paediatricians, sonographers, perfusionists and all those involved in the
care of neonates, children and young adults with cardiovascular disease
from centres around the world.

May 2014

1 - 2 May

Neonatal and paediatric ventilation

Unfortunately this course has been cancelled; the next course should be scheduled on 4th & 5th December 2014 - bookings should open soon.

If you wish to register your interest on this course, please contact the ICH Events team.

12 May
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Congenital malformations and cancer pathways: unlocking the secrets of the testis

Speaker: Professor Andrew Wilkie, Nuffield Professor of Pathology at the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Oxford.

19-23 May
Neuropsych babies

4th UK Paediatric Neuropsychology Symposium: Atypical Developmental Pathways

The 4th UK Paediatric Neuropsychology Symposium will take place at the UCL Institute of Child Health, London between 19-23 May 2014. This symposium will provide a contemporary account of neuropsychological findings investigating atypical developmental pathways.

As well as standard registration to attend in person, it is also possible to register for ON-LINE ONLY access to the conference. Lectures will be filmed and broadcast on the secure conference website remaining accessible until 30th September 2014.

June 2014

7 - 8 June

Hands-on Course in Basic Paediatric Echocardiography

The workshop and presentations will focus on recognising and understanding basic paediatric echocardiography and morphology of the normal heart and hearts with simple lesions. This two day program is designed to take registrants from the basics of normal hearts and simple congenital heart disease to a hands-on imaging workshop in the afternoon.

9 June
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Otto Wolff Lecture

Speaker: Professor Herman Waldmann, Emeritus Professor of Pathology, Sir William Dunn School of Pathology University of Oxford.

13 June

The British Association of Gynaecological Pathologists

The annual meeting of the British Association of Gynaecological Pathologists organised covers a broad range of topics.