China Night Lectures


All the seminars will take place in the seminar room 612 at the UCL Institute of Archaeology, commencing at 18:00, followed by a wine reception at the Staff Common Room. No booking is needed and All Welcome!

30 March 2017 International Conference

LOOMS OF LIFE – weaving and knowledge production in ancient China

Past events:

Wet, Dry, White or Sticky? Dispersal and Diversification of Rice in China

Prof Dorian Fuller (UCL Institute of Archaeology)

6pm Thursday 13 October 2016 @ Room 612

Special Guest Lecture: Buddhism Archaeology in China: a New Perspective on Yunkang Grottoes

Prof HANG Kan (School for Archaeology and Museology, Peking University)

6:10pm Thursday 3 November 2016 @ Room 612

Barnyard-millet Farming Zone in Northeast Asia -- Archaeobotanical Evidence from North-eastern China

Prof ZHAO Zhijun (Institute of Archaeology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

6:10pm Thursday 17 November 2016 @ Room 612

Questions Surrounding Early Millet Agriculture in China

Dr Chris Stevens (UCL Institute of Archaeology)

6pm Thursday 15 December 2016 @ Room 612

Excavation and Archaeological Research of the Baligang Site, Henan Province, China

Professor ZHANG Chi (Peking University) Friday, 10/02/2017

Capturing Changes: Using the Oxford System to further Understand the Movement of Metal in Shang China (16th Century BC – 1046 BC)

Ruiliang Liu (Oxford) Thursday, 02/03/2017

Ceramics on the Maritime Silk Roads: China Wares Used in the Trade and Diplomacy of Early Ming Dynasty

Dr LI Baoping Thursday, 23/03/2017

Past China Nights

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