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Public engagement

Guardian article on Spiers lab work presented at the American Society for Neuroscience meeting - Nov 15 2011

Scans reveal how the brain's GPS helps us navigate from A to B

Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast - Aug 2011

Disucssion about Jeffery lab  Nature Neuroscience article on 3D spatial encoding (mins 16-22)

Mail on Sunday article - Aug 15 2011

Why our brain's sense of space and location struggles to map altitude

Bright Club podcast - Oct 11 2010

Kate Jeffery is interviewed by Steve Cross and comedian Steve Hall about space

Science is Vital rally - Oct 9 2010

Members of the IBN protest outside HM Treasury to campaign against the government's proposed cuts in science funding

Guardian article on the possible brain drain - Sept 30 2010

Kate Jeffery comments in the Guardian on how science funding cuts could cause scientists to leave the UK

Pattern completion

Pattern Completion brings together artist Michaela Nettell, sound designer Tom Simmons and neuroscientist Dr Hugo Spiers to create an installation exploring ways in which networks of brain cells recall memories.