Metallography Short Course Held at UCL

23 February 2012

Metallography of annealed bronze

As part of the training for UCL's graduate students, IAMS has recently hosted a short two-day course on metallography taught by Eleanor Blakelock.

The course covered all aspects of metallography, from the chemistry of metallic microstructures and thermodynamics of both copper and iron alloys, to the more practical steps of acid etching and microscopy. There were two 4 hour class sessions on theory followed by an afternoon of practical work where students got to prepare and etch a sample followed by hands on metallographic analysis. Eleanor was kind enough to provide a wide variety of previously prepared samples for the students to analyse. The course was a great success and IAMS would like to extend their thanks to Eleanor for giving the students such a series of lectures.

Eleanor has recently completed a PhD at Bradford University on iron knife manufacture during the Saxon period and is greatly experienced in the preparation and analysis of metallographic samples. She is also a council member of the Historical Metallurgy Society and involved in many aspects of British metallurgy.

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