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International Conference on Ancient Bronzes

Start: Sep 04, 2013 12:00 AM
End: Sep 07, 2013 12:00 AM

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

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The 18th annual conference on bronze, covering all aspects of research on this material, will be held in Zurich, Switzerland in September 2013.

Hosted by Zurich University (Department of Pre- and Protohistory, Department of Ancient History, Classical Archaeology), Swiss National Museum Zurich, and the Paul Scherrer Institute, the program promises to be both broad and inclusive. The sessions arranged for this meeting are:

1: Greek and Italic bronze artefacts from Iron Age Central Europe
2: Greek bronze artefacts from the Mediterranean region
3: Large-scale bronzes
4: Roman statuettes
5: Roman toreutics
6: Manufacturing techniques, restoration
7: Analytics
8: Written records

The presentations will take place from Wednesday 4th to Friday 6th September and will be accompanied with poster sessions. Excursions to visit either a fine art foundry near St. Gallen or Augusta Raurica are planned for Saturday 7th September.

Submissions for papers and posters are welcome until the 31st of March. The regular registration fee is 100 euros and 60 euros for students. The excursion costs an additional 50 euros.

For more information and to fill out the registration form, please visit the Bronze Conference 2013 website or via email email.

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