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Are we making life worse?

Wellbeing research at UCL: What are we going to do about wellbeing in the next 100 years?

Monday, 13th February (5-7pm)

Did you miss this discussion?  A video recording is available

Roberts G06 Sir Ambrose Fleming Lecture Theatre, Roberts Building, Torrington Place, London, WC1E 7JE

Aiming to be a little controversial, this panel discussion aims to explore the different facets of research which takes place at UCL. How does this research impact upon improving peoples’ lives today as well as those born today who will be in old age in a 100 years time? What work are we doing at UCL now that will have positive implications for wellbeing in a 100 years time?

The questions the panel may address (but are not limited to) the following:

· What impacts, for better or for worse have technology/health care/environment/policy/engineering had and will continue to have in the future?

· Have we made enough provisions for a large proportion of the population living into their 90s and beyond?

· How will our lifestyles and culture evolve to embrace an ageing population?

· How can we evolve our responses to future changes to environmental/ societal circumstances – which are, as yet, unknown?

This evening discussion will generate questions for the one day workshop on Friday 17th February. Panel members will be asked to speak for a maximum of 10 minutes to either support or refute the title of this event drawing from the research carried out within their field.


Convenor/chair: Nick Tyler, Chadwick Professor of Civil Engineering, UCL Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering, Director, UCL Crucible.


Ruth Mace  Professor, Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology, UCL Anthropology

James Malone-Lee Professor of Medicine Research, UCL Department of Clinical Physiology, Division of Medicine, London Medical School

Russell Viner
  Professor of Adolescent Health, UCL Institute of Child Health

Jo Wolff  Professor, UCL Philosophy, Centre for Philosophy, Justice and Health

Additional speakers will be announced shortly.

7-8.00 pm, Reception, Roberts Foyer

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