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UCL's Festival of Ageing Research Prize Workshop

Thursday 12th (afternoon) to Friday 13th (all day) December 2013
Venue, programme and exact times will be confirmed to successful applicants

  • Workshop theme: Keeping people active, independent and well in later life
  • £10,000 research prize for the best project developed at this workshop
  • Only 16 places are available
  • Open to all disciplines across UCL



This is your opportunity to spend one and a half days working in cross-disciplinary project groups formulating research proposals that address the problem of keeping people active, independent and well in later life. 

The subjects for projects that can be developed at the workshop will be open.  However, an example of a cross-disciplinary problem that requires cross-disciplinary answers would be how do people with declining cognitive function cope with things such as the bus system in order to maintain their attendance at an older people’s social club?

An expert panel will judge the various projects and the winning team will be awarded a £10,000 research prize to develop their proposal over the course of one year.

This innovative workshop, led by a professional facilitator, will build upon the questions that emerge during the course of UCL's Ageing Festival and will stimulate new thinking about ageing as well as catalyse new collaborations at UCL. The workshop will be the concluding event of UCL's Ageing Festival

This workshop is convened by Nick Tyler (Director, UCL Crucible and Chadwick Chair of Civil Engineering, Dept of Civil, Environ & Geomatic Engineering, UCL) and Kate Walters (Senior Clinical Lecturer, Primary Care & Population Health, UCL Institute of Epidemiology & Health).

Expert Panel
Matt Davis, School Research Facilitator, BEAMS, OVPR, UCL
Graham Hart,Dean, Faculty of Population Health Sciences, School of Life & Medical Sciences, UCL
Andrew Steptoe, Director, Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care
Helena Titheridge,Senior Lecturer, Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering at UCL
Nick Tyler
Kate Walters

Please contact Michael Reade or Kasia Deiz if you have any questions about the workshop of application procedure.


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