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Town Meeting: UCL Centre for Behaviour Change

The UCL's Grand Challenge of Human Wellbeing (GCHW) is working with Professor Susan Michie to create a pan-UCL Centre for Behaviour Change. Professor Michie is Chair of Health Psychology in UCL Clinical, Educational & Health Psychology, Faculty of Brain Sciences. On May 13 Professor Michie and researchers from across UCL considered the role of the proposed new centre, and how behaviour change theories can influence research across disciplines.

Behaviour change brainstorm diagram

The planned UCL Centre for Behaviour Change will bring together current world-leading activities. This is needed to fill a number of gaps and missed opportunities at UCL, such as lack of information as to what colleagues are doing, no lasting forum for discussions and collaboration building, and no “shop window” to showcase UCL’s research excellence in behaviour change. The centre’s objectives are to:

1. To foster cross-disciplinary research, teaching and knowledge transfer at UCL.

2. To improve cross-disciplinary communication about behaviour change research, teaching and other activities at UCL.

3. To enhance the academic, public and policy impact of UCL research and expertise in behaviour change, both nationally and internationally

Our vision is to increase the quality and quantity of academic activity in behaviour change at UCL, increase its public profile and support UCL in becoming a leading and world renowned centre for expertise in behaviour change.

Download the presentations (PowerPoint):

Why a UCL Centre for Behaviour Change?
Prof Susan Michie (Faculty of Brain Sciences)

What do we mean by behaviour change? A look across disciplines.
Dr Caroline Selai (Faculty of Brain Sciences)

The Behaviour Change Wheel: a cross-disciplinary model
Prof Susan Michie (Faculty of Brain Sciences)

Building Environments to Change Behaviour
Dr Marcella Ucci (Bartlett, Faculty of the Built Environment)

Technology & Behaviour Change- Inevitable or Designable?
Dr Henry Potts (Faculty of Population Health Sciences)

Download the town meeting programme (PDF, 85kb)

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