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UCL Science, Medicine and Society Network Launch Events, 29-30 April 2013

UCL staff, students and members of the public are cordially invited to a series of events to mark the launch of UCL’s Science, Medicine & Society Network – a Grand Challenge of Human Wellbeing initiative. The SMS Network is focusing on pressing and emerging societal issues for human health and wellbeing that need efficient and continuous cross-disciplinary collaboration if they are to be effectively addressed. It’s first major focus is the challenge of healthcare in multicultural settings, manifest in the form of a UCL-Lancet Commission on Culture & Health, linked to the Grand Challenge of Intercultural Interaction.

Monday 29 April; 18:30-20:00

Plain, Standardised Packaging of Cigarettes: Triumph or Tyranny? A Debate in partnership with health think tank 2020 Health and Cancer Research UK.

The debate will focus on the effect of packaging in the marketing of products such as cigarettes, that are legal to market, sell and use, but deleterious to health. The event will be chaired by Dame Helena Shovelton, Chief Executive of the British Lung Foundation.

Tuesday 30 April; 11:00-13:00

Social Networking workshop:  Postgraduate students and the UCL-Lancet Commission on Culture & Health

This workshop focuses on  the work of a team of UCL Anthropology PhD students who have been interacting with community groups linked to the North Middlesex University Hospital. Their work is an integral part of the Lancet Culture & Health Commission, addressing  the role and impact of informal networks and mobile device-dependent social media, in people's health and healthcare-seeking behaviours. A panel of senior academics will respond.

Tuesday 30 April ; 16:00-17:30

University's role in the community

This event provides an opportunity for members of the UCL-Lancet Culture & Health Commission to highlight important issues for research and intervention. Their presentations will be followed by a ‘Health implementers’ panel discussion.

Tuesday 30 April; 18:00-19:30

Science, Medicine & Society  Network launch event

At this event Professor Malcolm Grant, UCL President and Provost, will formally launch UCL’s Science, Medicine & Society Network. Lord Crisp (NHS Chief Executive, 2000-2006) will give a key-note address. A panel of senior UCL academics will respond.

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