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UCL Science, Medicine and Society Network

UCL Science, Medicine and Society Network

Following Provost approval of a bid for three-year start-up support, the SMS Network was formally launched with a series of events in late April 2013.

Directed by Professor David Napier (UCL Anthropology), the UCL Science, Medicine & Society Network will act as a mechanism and as a forum to bring key players together from departments across UCL and UCL Partners, facilitating interdisciplinary analysis and response to major issues impacting health and wellbeing during a period of profound demographic, social, political, economic, environmental and technological change.

The SMS Network focuses upon pressing and emerging societal issues for human health and wellbeing that need efficient and continuous cross-disciplinary collaboration if they are to be effectively addressed. For further details, please contact Aarathi Prasad (SMS Network Coordinator).

Next event
19-20 May 2014
Generating Social Trust in the 21st Century
Building social trust presents enormous challenges today for European political leaders. Focusing on three broad domains (health, welfare, and the economy), this two-day forum seeks to explore the potential effects of trust-building on new efforts to address social instability. Further details and registration.

Previous events

25 March 2014
Who Cares for Survivors of Torture
An evening of film, discussion, and an exhibition of artworks by survivors of torture organised by the UCL Science Medicine and Society Network (SMS).  Even in the best of times public sentiment often fails to extend to individuals and families seeking a homeland free from torture and oppression. In the aftermath of government cutbacks, those without political voice or rights are often the first to be affected. Alarmingly, sometimes those who would otherwise care for the tortured may become complicit in oppression when outsiders are considered dangerous.

Launch events: 29-30 April 2013

Full programme details

Town Meeting: 14 February 2011
Full programme details

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